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Business Consulting

The single most important criterion for the success of any business is visionary direction from informed, tactical, and responsive management.   The capacity of management in all organizations is enhanced through the use of outside resources; for start-up companies, the know-how of a business professional is absolutely essential.

We have been associated with many of our clients for 25 years or more.  And, in the course of our 30-year experience, we have been privileged to advise family-owned and not-for-profit start-ups, as well as helping companies through IPO.

Our secret to lasting partnerships is that we support our clients with all of our abilities and resources.  Our business comprises accounting and advising; we do not sell insurance, mutual funds, or other commission-based products.  We value our relationship with our clients too much to compromise our integrity and our independence by introducing any conflicts of interest, explicit or implicit.

Here’s how we can help you realize your management potential:

  • Strategic Benchmarking for Value
  • Management Advisory Services
  • Family Business Services
  • Financial Reporting and Assurance
  • Not-for-Profit Advisory Services

Strategic Benchmarking for Value

Enlightened leaders understand that critical success factors, effectively executed, drive business strategy.  We help our clients identify their unique business-specific atrributes, and assist with developing a strategy to realize their potential.

Contact us to learn how we may help you with your company’s benchmarking:

  1. Strategic
  2. Functional
  3. Best Practices
  4. Product (Reverse Engineering).

Management Advisory Services

Once capricious business fads have faded, cohesive management emerges as the consistent characteristic of winning companies.  Our operations services enhance the distinctive, individual quality of your business, while solidifying your management capacity.

We help our clients develop and implement:

  1. Business Plans
  2. Budgeting and Forecasting
  3. Executive Compensation Agreements
  4. Benefit and Retirement Plans
  5. Succession Planning
  6. Profit Enhancement Strategies
  7. Exit Strategies

Family Business Services

You need someone who is sensitive to your potential, qualifications, and restrictions:  who can help you prioritize your requirements without exhausting your resources.  You need someone whose client affiliations span decades, and, since each business is unique, someone who has successfully advised family-owned companies in a range of situations.

We help our clients with:

  1. Specialized Tax and Assurance Services
  2. Succession Planning
  3. Retirement and Estate Planning
  4. Share Valuation
  5. Asset Protection
  6. Business Financing
  7. Buy-sell Agreements
  8. Compensation

Financial Reporting and Assurance

Businesses thrive when management implements the careful plans and incisive strategies they have developed.   Implementation requires a meaningful reporting system:  a revolving snapshot of “planned vs. actual.”

We help our clients develop and implement the day-to-day controls and procedures they need to stay on target:

  1. Financial Statements
  2. Accounting Systems
  3. Specialized Reporting
  4. Internal Controls.

Not-for-Profit Advisory

Every not-for-profit organization is mission-based.  It is critically important for the constituency of any charitable entity to manage effectively, in order to assure the viability of the mission for decades to come.

Wisehart, Inc., has worked with not-for profit corporations for 30 years; our clients comprises organizations in the process of 501(c)3 acquisition, as well as established foundations.  Not-for-profit companies require the assistance of a professional whose experience includes:

  1. Compliance Services
  2. Tax Planning
  3. Internal Controls and Accounting Systems
  4. Reviews, and Compilations of Financial Statements.




Our reputation for the highest ethical standards is unparalleled. We support you with decades of experience and insights, informed by common sense and integrity.


Each business fuses a particular mix of variables, real and intangible. There is no substitute for experience in evaluating and interpreting your unique position and assets.


Every single strategic decision sparks immediate or long term tax, cash flow, and valuation consequences. We help you assess the short-and-long term implications of all options.


We are independently owned and operated: responsive, receptive, flexible. Your family’s security is our priority. We invite you to use our insights to advance your interests.

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