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Litigation Support

To mitigate the stress of litigation, you need the most experienced, perceptive, and authoritative support you can find. Our expertise and integrity are backed by the most prestigious credentialing communities: The American Institute of CPAs, The American Society of Appraisers, and The National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts.

At Wisehart, Inc. it is always our goal to assemble definitive evidence before the dispute proceeds to court. We identify, accumulate, and analyze data for preliminary assessments, damages claims, and discovery requests. We reconstruct compromised or missing documentation. We elicit telling information during interrogatories, document requests, and depositions, and analyze responses for ambiguities, errors, and contradictions.

Our portfolio of experience includes:

  • Commercial & Related Law
  • Family Law
  • Financial Investigations
  • Business Valuations
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Commercial & Related Law

We have learned that a rational evaluation of damages by each client is the first step toward satisfactory resolution. We assist counsel with facilitating agreement by resolving financial and economic issues during each phase of dispute arbitration. Our experience enhances our variety of scenario models, heightens our sensitivity analyses, and elevates our position with opposing parties.

We have quantified economic damages and provided litigation support in cases involving:

  1. Lost Profits and Loss of Business Value
  2. Breach of Contract
  3. Business Interruption
  4. Shareholder Disputes S.
  5. Professional Accounting Malpractice
  6. Employment Disputes
  7. Product Liability and Personal Injury

Family Law

In addition to convoluted financial issues, the complexity of family law is often intensified by emotional engagement. Unraveling the financial from the personal requires delicacy and tact, in addition to accounting virtuosity. We invite you to contact us with your questions about benefits/perquisites, short-and-long term financial planning, cash flow and financial analysis, business valuation, current and deferred tax, as well as identification of unreported income and hidden assets.

We help clients with:

  1. The Initial Engagement Process
  2. Document or Discovery Requests
  3. Review of Financial Statements and Tax Returns
  4. Interviews with Spouses
  5. Site Visits of Business and Management Interviews
  6. Industry and Economic Research
  7. Forensic and Financial Investigation
  8. Living/lifestyle Analysis
  9. Development of an Opinion of Business Value

Financial Investigations

Financial Investigations Forensic accounting, the detailed financial review and analysis of a privately held business, forms the foundation for successful litigation. Satisfactory settlement hinges on the expert discovery and analysis of information.

Our experience comprises:

  1. “Real” Cash Flow Analyses
  2. Financial Tracing
  3. Pool Fund Review and Analysis

Business Valuations

The credibility of the valuation professional as expert witness is the single most important factor in judgment determination. As co-author of Financial Valuation—App//cat/on and Modals, Donald Wisehart is recognized as one of New England’s leading business valuators.

Our business valuation support services include:

  1. Preparation of Complete Reports of Opinion of Value
  2. Preparation of Rebuttal Reports
  3. Preparation for and Testimony at Depositions
  4. Preparation for and Testimony at Trial
  5. Assisting Direct and Re-direct Questioning

Expert Witness Testimony

The premier litigation approach is resolving disputes before the case is tried in court. In circumstances where preliminary settlement is not an option, our clients rely on our diligent upfront information analysis, spotless reputation, and peerless credibility as expert witness. 




Our reputation for the highest ethical standards is unparalleled. We support you with decades of experience and insights, informed by common sense and integrity.


Each business fuses a particular mix of variables, real and intangible. There is no substitute for experience in evaluating and interpreting your unique position and assets.


Every single strategic decision sparks immediate or long term tax, cash flow, and valuation consequences. We help you assess the short-and-long term implications of all options.


We are independently owned and operated: responsive, receptive, flexible. Your family’s security is our priority. We invite you to use our insights to advance your interests.

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